The Moon & Other Beasts I Keep With Me– New Story, up at EFNIKS!

EFNIKS is a hella dope digital magazine, catering to QPOC. Every month, they have a new theme, and I HIGHLY recommend checking out their nonfiction content.

I was honored to have my fiction featured as one of the two stories of the month.

“The Moon and Other Beasts I Keep With Me” is a short story about appropriation with a fantastical twist–our protagonist is a werewolf who, after sharing the secrets of who she was, is heartbroken to find an ex has used it to propel themselves into a fiction career. It asks the same question that we ask ourselves as QPOC on a daily basis–when we areĀ so othered that no one will believe that our experiences are authentic, where does that leave us?

Here’s a link to the story, and I hope you enjoy it!