Danny Lore (they/them) is a queer black writer/editor raised in Harlem and currently based in the Bronx. They’ve worked in comic and gaming shops since the beginning of time. Most of their writing is contemporary speculative fiction, with the occasional foray into science fiction. They’ve had their short fiction published by FIYAH, Podcastle, Nightlight, EFNIKS.com and more.

They’re also the editor for THE GOOD FIGHT and THE WILDS (w: Vita Ayala, a: Emily Pearson, c: Marissa Louise, l: Jim Campbell). They are an acquiring editor for FIYAH Magazine. Their first creator-owned comic series, QUEEN OF BAD DREAMS (a: Jordi Perez, c: Dearbhla Kelly, l: Kim McLean) will be published by Vault Comics starting in April 2019. They will be included in the YA prose Anthology A PHOENIX FIRST MUST BURN, at Viking Books, in Spring 2020.